Once upon a time ...

... in Mumbai there was a kid who got a chance, during his school days - around yr. 1993, to learn an educational programming language called Logo ( 1 & 2 ). The fun of drawing different shapes using some code was so entertaining that the kid fell in love with programming. Though the kid grew up graduating from a different stream, his love for programming was still alive in the back of his mind. So he did multiple courses to learn different coding / programming languages (like HTML, JS, Java, *.NET, SQL) and skills (like OOP, Data structures and Algorithms, Design Patterns, GUI designing, Networking).

Now this grown up kid was ready to accept the responsibilities of the corporate world and joined a product based company (yr. 2003). He got very good exposure to Java due to his techie colleagues, but also realized that he needs to improve on his skills. So after working there for 2 years he moved to Pune and pursued post graduation and masters degree. Side by side he got a job at L&T Infotech and continued there for whole 10 years. During this long journey he learned many new skills and got opportunities to work on different technologies, being a part of and guiding teams of varying sizes (from 3 to 30). He received three individual performance awards and several team performance awards too.

By the end of 10 years he had made up his mind to start something of his own and explore different areas of life. Since then he started working as a freelance consultant and web developer. With the vast experience and very good technical skills he is ready to serve your needs, may it be guiding your team or developing websites for you. Contact him now or first check what some of his clients have to say about him.

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